FiftyFifty gender equality tool to be launched globally

In 2019, the gender equality tool and education Fifty/Fifty were launched in Sweden. In collaboration with the International Floorball Federation, the education is now being launched globally and available to all floorball associations and clubs.

– It feels incredible that what started as an initiative in Värmland is now spreading and can make a difference all over the world, says Camilla Olsson, one of the initiators of Fifty/Fifty.

Fifty/Fifty is a digital education developed in Sweden by the Värmland’s Floorball Association and RF SISU Värmland to inspire and spread knowledge about gender equality in sports.

In six digital lessons inspiration, facts, discussion, and reflection are mixed. The goal is to increase knowledge and achieve greater gender equality in floorball.

Since the launch in Sweden, over 200 associations have taken the course. Now Fifty/Fifty is available to everyone in English in a collaboration between the Swedish Floorball Association and the International Floorball Federation.

– We are so happy to be able to launch Fifty/Fifty internationally. Equality in floorball is unfortunately not a challenge only in Sweden, but something we need to help each other to prioritize and strive towards. It therefore feels great to be able to offer an easily accessible and free tool to all floorball associations and clubs in the world, to make the starting distance to the issue as short as possible, says Inez Rehn, head of equal activity at the Swedish Floorball Association.

To shine a spotlight on the issue, Swedish Floorball Association, has also produced films in which children shed light on jargons that remain in the world of floorball. The Swedish national team player Moa Gustafsson also acts as a spokesperson in the film.
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